AcroYoga Immersion Solaire / Solar Immersion à Québec


(info in English below)

Bienvenue à la première IMMERSION SOLAIRE-ACROBATIQUE d’AcroYoga à Québec avec Jacob Handwerker et Sonia Peltzer du 11-15 novembre 2017!!! (Info in English below)

5 jours d’acrofolies: base en L et portées acrobatiques debout, équilibre sur les mains, main-à-main, washing machines (transitions en vol cyclique), séquences acrobatiques, et une atmosphère de plaisir et de soutien!

Les Profs:
Sonia Peltzer:
Jacob Handwerker:

● Ce stage comporte 30h d’enseignement. (Voir ci-dessous pour les options d’inscription)

➻➻ Techniques couvertes:
● Séquence solaire AcroYoga asana
● Éléments et techniques d’entraînement acrobatique
● Alignement, équilibre et potentiel en inversions
● Techniques pour une pratique sécuritaire
● Techniques d’entraînement acrobatique et transitions en vol
● Techniques de vol spécifié base/voltige
● Pied-main, main-à-main et acrobaties debout

SVP voir les prérequis sur cette vidéo:

…si vous n’êtes pas certain d’être prêt pour l’immersion, contactez-nous et on vous aidera à trouver comment vous préparer!


Se dépasser et explorer son plus grand potentiel à travers l’entraînement physique et les partenaires acrobatiques.
Apprendre progressivement dans un environnement de soutien en toute sécurité.
Comprendre comment s’entrainer pour améliorer son niveau de pratique et acquérir des nouvelles capacités.
Raffiner et améliorer sa compréhension et son niveau de pratique physique.
Recevoir un enseignement par des professeurs ayant beaucoup d’expérience et de passion pour l’AcroYoga.
Rencontrer des gens de la communauté locale et internationale d’étudiants.
Célébrer la joie de jouer ensemble.
Acquérir des outils pour communiquer avec compassion et honnêteté.
Apprendre à utiliser les relations comme source de réflexions personnelles et de transformations.

Cette immersion remplit aussi une des conditions pour être accepté à la formation de professeur d’

11-15 novembre 2017
9h30 – 12h30, 14h – 17h

Québec, lieu à confirmer.


Immersion complète de 5 jours: 750 Dollars Canadien (ou 550 USD)
~**EARLY BIRD PRICE**~ 655 Dollars Canadien (ou 480 USD) —– jusqu’au 11 Sept
Week-end: 340 Dollars Canadien (ou 250 USD)
Samedi seulement: 180 canadien dollars (ou 130 USD)

● Paypal: (si vous choisissez cette option, SVP cliquer l’option de paiement à un amie ou famille pour qu’ils transfèrent le paiement complet, sinon vous paierez la différence en personne, merci)
● Bank: contactez pour le RIB et détails de transfert.

Jusqu’à un mois avant, remboursement à 100% moins $100 USD retenus pour les frais d’enregistrement.
Entre un mois et une semaine avant, remboursement à 50%.
Après le 4 Novembre, non remboursable.

Cette immersion est limitée en place, svp contactez-nous pour réserver vos places!
Cette immersion sera enseignée en Français et en Anglais.



Join Sonia Peltzer & Jacob Handwerker for the first Solar AcroYoga Immersion in Canada from November 11th – 15th 2017!! Join us for five days of acrobatics in Quebec!

● 5 days of acrobatics: L basing, standing acro, Handstand training, Hand to Hand, washing machines, acrobatic sequences and a lot of fun!!

➻➻ The Solar Immersion empowers students to realize their infinite potential through the powerful embodiment of acrobatic partnership.

Linear progressions and an emphasis on the art of spotting make learning advanced acrobatics safe, accessible, and fun.
Confidence and coordination are developed in strength training and inversions, which pave the way for ease and grace in partner acrobatics.
After refining foundations, we will train more precise acrobatic work, such as foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand and standing acrobatics.

Get ready to push past your own personal limits in a fun and safe environment.

This course fulfills an immersion pre-requisite for the AcroYoga teacher training application.

● Solar AcroYoga Asana sequence
● Strength training elements
● Alignment, balance and endurance in inversions
● Spotting techniques
● Specialized Acrobatic flying groups (2 bases, 2 flyers)
● foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand & standing acrobatics.

Please review the prerequisites in this video:

…and if you are not sure if you are ready, just ask us and we support you and find a way to get you ready!

9.30am – 12.30pm ✽ morning session
2pm – 5pm ✽ afternoon session

Quebec, details coming soon

Full 5 day Immersion: $550 USD or $750 CAD
~**EARLY BIRD PRICE**~ paid by 9/11 = 480 USD or 655 CAD
Week-end: 250 USD or 340 CAD
Saturday only: 130 USD or 180 CAD

Cancellation Policy:
Up to one month in advance, reimbursable 100% minus $100 processing fee.
Between one month and one week prior, reimburseable 50%.
After the 4th of November, non-reimburseable.

1) Paypal (if you choose this option please make choosing the option payment by sending money to a friend or family member to get full money to us, but you’ll pay the difference later, thanks)
2) Bank transfert. Contact for transfer details and RIB

The spots for this immersion are limited!
Please register in advance to secure your spot!

The immersion will be taught in French and English.


About the teachers:

Sonia: Yoga. AcroYoga. Thai Massage.
For the past 8 years these practices have shaped my life in many ways. I grew up a gymnast and was introduced to yoga by my mom at an early age, but as experience reveals, the personal journey begins when you truly need it. After discovering AcroYoga, I completed my level one Anusara Yoga and AcroYoga teacher trainings in 2007. I taught my first two years in Spanish while living in Nicaragua volunteering for the Peace Corps. Since then, I continue to study and teach these practices both locally and internationally in the United States, Central America, Europe and Asia in French, English and Spanish. I am as passionate about partner acrobatics and yoga as I am about Thai massage, and have been lucky to study with many master teachers worldwide. Today I am based in Los Angeles and offer regular weekly classes and workshops, as well as nature retreats, Thai massage trainings, AcroYoga immersions, and festivals. When not teaching you will likely find me in nature, hiking, camping, climbing, swimming or traveling. You can find out more about me

Movement has always been an integral part of my life. In addition to AcroYoga, I study Ashtanga Yoga with Kathy Cooper, and practice Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. By helping people connect to themselves and one another I believe that we can create peace around us and in the world. Before discovering AcroYoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vipassana meditation I spent years kayaking, climbing, skiing, backpacking, and dancing. Now, by « showing up » to do my practices I have experienced profound and deep changes in my life. Now, I am very excited to share these passions and teach AcroYoga across the planet. I am based out of Portland, Oregon but I travel throughout Europe and Southeast Asia for many months of the year. Peace………